help out
Spring Semester 2012

HelpOut is an app that connects friends with other close friends in case of emergency. In addition to collaboratively constructing the idea for the project, I designed and developed the mobile portion of the product. We were inspired to create this after seeing a consistent rise in campus crime. Though it was never released to the market, it was an awesome learning experience and a definite source of pride for all of us.

Project Poster:

snappy screen
January 2012
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loic wacquant
June 2011
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eli petersen comedy
April 2011

patrick sunbury design
March 2011

terry thompson art
October 2010

Fall Semester 2010

Planathon was developed for a Technology Entrepreneurship class. After being asked by multiple friends to develop websites for their one-time fundraisers (dance-a-thons, walk- a-thons, etc.), I decided to create a "plan your own -athon" service for my class to see if it was feasible. It certainly was, and was a highly successful experience for myself and my team members. I was responsible for the initial idea and all technical development of the product; though we ended the development after the course finished, several campus groups indicated that if we had continued, they would have been very interested in working with us.

uc berkeley asuc
September 2010

dance marathon uc berkeley
August 2010

uc berkeley college of letters and science advising office
February 2009

alpha chi omega, pi chapter
October 2008